Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Wedding Season

Here it is. May. Next week we start June. Where has all the time gone? We are about to get very busy, really......very busy. This is my favorite time of year, I never get bored, there just isn't time.

The season started with a bang. Our latest accomplishment? A giant working oil Derrick. Yes it worked, but so did we....our butts off! It took about a week to create, a week to design, and a total of 6 gallons of chocolate which shot through the middle of the cake up nine feet and fell back again into a reservoir hidden in the bottom tier. I loved it. There will be a video posted on www.frostedart.com . Because on this one, you just have to see it to believe it.

Check it out!

I am off to play in the buttercream...

Saturday, January 12, 2008

2008--Year of the Cupcake

Well 2007 came and went faster than we ever thought it would. It ended with 1000's of yule logs, hundreds of decorated cookies, winter weddings (including one KT and I had to deliver to Cabo San Lucas!) and one tired team. We all took a little break to gear up for this year and started back refreshed.

The new line for 08 will be finished next week; there will be ruffles, there will be deco, there will be copper and there most definitely will be pink. Look for the photos soon!

New Years always brings forth from all of us the need to trim down, tighten up and tone things we wish we had. Recently someone asked us to create a low cal/low fat cupcake. I had to draw the line...... Here is my response.

My cupcakes are healthy. (I can justify anything, just wait) A cupcake (as delectable as our chocolate caramel cashew variety) is healthy….on occasion…on special occasion. I am in the business of special occasions, or rather, making occasions special: so to make a cupcake that is low fat (read yucky) would hurt our business. It would only bring attention to the fat content of real cupcakes. Cupcakes are not breakfast food, nor should they come out for a dinner plate, but they do have their place in our lives. We live for celebrations. We count down the moments to our next one. This is where cupcakes belong. Do not blame the cupcake for being delicious- blame the consumer for being too eager to add the cupcake to our daily menu and remove the celebration and luxuriousness from our frosted little friend.

Perhaps it is an unnecessary rant. But....I sure did feel better afterwards. I almost felt good enough to celebrate....with a delicious cupcake.